# Introducing Our New Cannabis Coffee * W.W. Treats


Introducing Our New Cannabis Coffee

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Introducing W.W. Treats full spectrum cannabis coffee. Organically grown cannabis and Columbian Arabica beans. Perfectly infuse your cup with mellow and relaxing yet motivational coffee.

Full spectrum means it not only has THC but also CBD CBG and CBC to enhance your endocannabinoid system. Debarbed cannabis and slow roasted coffee beans blended together make this perfectly smooth blend of coffee.

Try us in the morning or try us in the evening. With 50mg of full spectrum relief, W.W. Treats is all about that smooth mellow flavor and that smooth mellow buzz. Getting medicated in the morning is not just about smoking a bowl anymore. Have a cup of coffee and get on with your day.

Watch the W.W. Treats Full Spectrum Coffee commercial featured on the Toking Today Podcast!

What is full spectrum?

Our cannabis coffee contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids rather than just THC. When we talk about full-spectrum cannabis, this simply means that the product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. The purpose of a full-spectrum product is to capture all of the available compounds from the trichomes without altering them, leaving behind the undesirable parts including fats, waxes, and lipids that hold the medicinal parts together. 

 The biggest advantage of using full-spectrum solvent-less edibles over others, both of which fully remove THC during the extraction process, is the entourage effect. This refers to the therapeutic synergistic relationship that different cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds have when combined. With our solvent-less edibles, you are guaranteed to have a safe and enjoyable edible that is free from toxic chemicals.

Still have questions about full spectrum? Let’s talk about it! Start a chat with one of our Live Chat Agents. Our agents are specially trained cannabis patient advocates here to help guide you.

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